Donor/Volunteer Spotlight: Suzanne Westgaard

I have been an animal rights advocate/activist/vegan for decades. As such, I am aware of the horrific cruelty and abuse that humans inflict on animals -- 'circus' animals, animals imprisoned in zoos, puppy mills, dairy farms, farms in general, elephant poaching for...

Welcome our New Residents!

This past month, we have welcomed 23 amazing new residents to the Luvin Arms family! We are so happy to be joined by the “Sanctuary Seers”, 19 hens rescued from a CSA farm; Leo, Frida, and Salvador, our new donkey residents; and Samantha, the cow!   Nineteen...

Walter the Wise

Walter is a middle-aged Heritage turkey who found his forever home here at Luvin Arms in 2016. Walter has escaped death twice. He was first purchased to be raised and then slaughtered for Thanksgiving dinner, but his family became attached after seeing his beautiful...

ThanksLiving for the Turkeys

ThanksLiving is a time to celebrate life at Luvin Arms. Robin is one of our newest rescues who arrived at Luvin Arms in October. Robin lost her significant other, and shortly after she lost him, the people she lived with got divorced and Robin was all alone. For...

Sebastian – No More Mr. Shy Guy

Sebastian is a nine-year-old Nigerian Dwarf goat who was born in 2011. Sebastian and his companion, Arya were intended to be used for a backyard dairy operation but when the owner had to move and couldn’t take the two goats with her, she contacted Luvin Arms to...

Tito, the “Light Bringer”

Tito is a three year old male Jersey cow who was born on May 24th, 2017. He arrived at Luvin Arms when he was just 10 days old. Tito was a “leftover” calf from a veal transport truck. Since a percentage of calves do not make it through transport, the farmers will add...

Donor Spotlight: Cheryl Warner

I began clicker play sessions with Gracie at the end of June, and she’s been a natural from the start. For her first enrichment exercise, we taught her to ring a bell. In true Gracie fashion, she picked it up on her very first try. Now a few months into our sessions,...

Felix the Cat

Felix aka Felix the Cat is a 5-year-old Hampshire pig who was born on February 15th, 2015. Felix was one of our first residents here at Luvin Arms and is currently the oldest out of all of our pig residents. The nickname Felix the Cat was given to him by one of our...

Meet Marley Rose

I love that feeling when you can feel your heart smile. You take one look at the individual and you know without a shadow of a doubt – you’re in love. It’s all so frightening too, loving someone else. When you are in love, all you think about is their happiness and...

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